Indian Motorcycles social content

Indian Motorcycles

Crafting legendary stories on social for Indian Motorcycles


Social Media Content and CRM

Sundram Fasteners

Enabling automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies for Sundram.


Comprehensive WeChat engagement platform and services for Maserati owners


Engaging with 10,000+ employees through a robust WeChat enterprise platform


Development of the campaign site for the launch of the Lincoln in China

Jaguar Land Rover

Development of an innovative H5 based virtual showroom mobile site for JLR


An APP based platform that allows customized content and information delivery at auto shows


Experience the Pursuit of Perfection at the Brand Hub with the Lexus App

Fiat Chysler Automobiles

Maintenance of 34 English and local language websites for 8 FCA brands across 10 countries

Ford Mustang

Development of a website for the launch of the Ford Mustang in China

Alfa Romeo

Introducing Alfa Romeo to China through their official website and social channels


Development of the QorosQloud® mobile APP that links up your mobile and wearable devices directly to your car


The VW ‘Blue Fly’ game was embodies their goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions

Mercedes AMG

Complete guest management system and on site experience for the AMG Driving Academy