Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy for natural and built assets. With over 27,000 people, active in over 70 countries, its expertise in engineering and project management is highly sought after.

Working with Arcadis, Fugumobile has digitized their Quarterly and Annual Construction Costs Handbooks, which are distributed to key clients in their markets.

The handbooks are now available as a downloadable APP and are updated in real time, thus ensuring that data is always relevant for the customers of Arcadis and is easily accessible.

Additionally, there is a significant cost saving for the company as the printing of hard copies for the guide has been eliminated.

The digital guide is now being rolled out to all the markets in Asia.


Multi access secure login system with role definitions for different user groups within the organization.

User friendly interface allowing for content to be easily uploaded and edited based on the structure APP.

Data can be imported and exported in an Excel format to allow teams greater flexibility with content management.

Content updation and publishing rights separated to ensure compliance of content.


A downloadable iOS + Android APP that pulls data from the CMS to display it in a user friendly manner to the end customer.

The APP also contains additional functionality like an interactive cost calculator allowing users to make cost estimations on the fly.

Large tabular data is also rendered into graphs for easy consumption of data.

Finally, a lead generation form captures interest from potential customers and allows Arcadis to reach out for new business opportunities.

A robust analysis dashboard tracks the APP activity and acts as a knowledge base for future roll outs and customizations.