HSBC ‘Journey with the River Dolphin’ Game

The 'Start a journey with the River Dolphin' mobile game has been adapted from one of the most popular mini-games in China, in order to capture the user's interest, and in the process highlight the plight of the endangered River Dolphin and the issues of environmental pollution that pose a danger to its very existence.

Through a combination of online activities within the game, HSBC aims to transform online engagement  into offline support for environmental protection projects, further extending the value of the game.


  1. Engaging the users with the APP.
  2. Educate the target consumer about financial management
  3. Connect user’s activity with brand charity work.
  4. In-game motivation for users to share the cause socially and thus involve a broader audience.

Transform the outcome of the game to a donation to the charity organization that HSBC has partnered with.