As a manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and active cosmetic ingredients, our goal was to create a website for Givaudan that would evoke emotional value in consumers and provide customers with more promotional opportunities for Givaudan's products..


We developed an innovative scenario based website that capitalized on the unique features of our products. Through interactive design and emotional Q&A interactions, we aimed to capture users' interest by showcasing different product features within these scenarios. At the end of each interaction, we guided users to submit their information based on the details they desired.


To enhance sales communication, we implemented different functions for different user identities. Sales representatives could share links with their customers, which have specific account tags. This allowed customers to experience the products and submit information independently. In order to establish better connections between sales and customers, we offered not only a web version but also a mobile H5 version.


We also developed a CMS (Content Management System) platform to support the brand's product updates and enhance the product recommendation experience. Additionally, the CMS platform enables the collection of valuable customer information from high-intent users, which can be exported for further analysis.